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School Projects

The following pages are school projects or other assignments which have been assigned to me in the past. I have posted these pages here for your own aid (might you have a similar one), education, or just entertainment. Most of these pages will either be my own work, (likely a literature assignment), or a research project with information gathered from several sites. I post these strictly to help you, educate you or entertain you. Please do NOT copy any work here and assign your own name to it. This is plagiarism and is not only considered rude to the original author/researcher, but is also illegal under many official documents in many nations. In addition, many teachers and the like are aware of this problem, and are just as good as you at finding sites. This means that if you copy something from this page, the teacher will have no problem locating the page and finding your source of plagiarism. Please do not make this mistake. Use the following pages as a guide or an aid if you are doing a similar assignment. If you wish to quote me or use information from this site, here is the works consulted format you may use:


* Note: Title and date are not bold in actual works consulted. *
* Replace these with the actual page title and date you obtained the information. *


Romeo and Juliet Scrapbook: Prince Escalus

Persuasive Essay: Laws on Graffiti

Poster Project: The CN Tower

Persuasive Essay: Wild Animals as Pets

The American Revolution: Almanac

Benjamin Oliver Davis, Jr.

Facts: John F. Kennedy

Columbus Voyage: Journal Entries

Essay: French and Indian War

How To: Internet Searching

Pet Keeping: Leopard Frogs

Short Play: Columbus Skit