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Short Play: Columbus Skit

This is just once scene from a three-scene skit also completed in.. You guessed it! American History. I have no idea what happened to the other two scenes. I had a love for play writing, and even though the teacher wanted us to share work, I insisted on writing all three. Yet still, I could only find this one. I can't see much use of it other than entertainment, and perhaps some slight reference, but oh well. It was a group project hence the names and colons. We all got an 'A'. Enjoy!

Columbus Skit, (Scene II)
Heather Davis

Scene 2
Spanish Sailor:
Native Man:
Native Woman:

Narrator: The Spaniards were getting used to the land when Columbus had decided to return to the King and Queen of Spain with the Treasures he had found in the new land. He left some of his men on the island of Hispanola after the Santa Maria sank because there were not enough ships to bring all of the men back. He would return for them on the second voyage.

Columbus: I will return with more ships to take you men back. For now, I will go back to Spain to tell the King and Queen of my findings.

Spanish Sailor: Alright Columbus, we'll wait for you here.

Columbus sets off on the ships.

Narrator: The Spaniards started to take advantage of the Native Americans while waiting. They treated them very unfairly, and the Natives didn't even realize it.

Spanish Sailor: They have a lot of gold here. I wonder what they'll trade it for.

Spanish Sailor gets out a brass bell.

Native Man: I like. Trade.

Spanish Sailor trades brass bell for gold.

Spanish Sailor: They..They trade so cheaply! We can take advantage of them.

Narrator: After awhile, the Natives started giving things away. They would give food, gold, and even their wives. But the Spanish, who at this point had gotten very greedy, did not realize that the Indians wanted these things back. This is where the term "Indian Giver" comes from.

Native Man: You take gold and wife.

Spanish Sailor: You're giving me your.... I mean, thank you kindly.

Native Woman goes to Spanish Sailor with gold.

Native Woman: Hello. Gold for you. Me for you.

Narrator: But days later...

Native Man: Ok. Me want wife and gold back now.

Spanish Sailor: But you gave them to me, I won't give them back!

Native Man: Give back or my men fight.

Spanish Sailor: You're men are weak. Forget it!

Native Man forcefully takes Native Woman from Spanish Sailor.

Native Man: Fine. War then.

Narrator: This had started a lot of conflict between the Spanish and the Natives, before Columbus had even returned. When he did, he found that all of his men were dead.

Columbus sails in.

Columbus: We've got more shi.....What the? Where are the men?

Native Man: You men get greedy. We kill.

Columbus: You...You what?! I... You are now all slaves of mine! Any one of you over the age of 14 caught not working the job I give you will have his or her hands cut off! You all must dig for gold!

Narrator: Naturally, there wasn't enough gold for everyone to meet their quota on. Many of the natives died each day because of this unfair treatment. The Spaniards had cheated the Natives, stole from them and were now giving them life-threatening work, which was impossible to do due to the small amount of gold. Columbus told his men that they would be rich and famous. He told them that they were in China, and if they even tried to say different, he would cut out their toungs. He returned to Spain.

End of Scene 2