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In the times of Ancient Egypt,
Two rulers reigned the Sahara sands..
A beautiful Queen and a Pharaoh--
Were the ones who owned the lands.

But they were more than mortal..
They're faces cold and pale,
And their ghostly forms- vampiric,
To them, The country'd hail.

But they did not know the secret
Of their Pharaoh and their Queen
Til one day, the Queen had punished a thief--
And her secret had been seen.

Witnessed by her servant,
Who'd been suspicious long before..
And now she yelled the proof she saught,
And she too, fell to the floor.

The Queen twisted her neck-- Not soon enough..
The crowd around them was swarming--
The people that they had once ruled,
Now following the servant's warning.

The queen now knew that she must excape..
Because for the pharoh, it was too late..
The angry swarm had burned him to death,
And she, too, would soon meet her fate.

But she needed to keep the race existing,
And so at that moment, she fled.
Flew to the air, and into the desert..
She were convinced she'd soon be dead.

Instead, she spotted, in that vast desert..
A dark room underground.
And in it, lived a young girl..
T'was Chrishankhah, she they had found.

She'd midnight-black, neck lengthed hair
And eyes as silver as the moon..
Two pet cats, one grey, one black..
And she'd be a vampire soon.

And so the queen had made her one..
A vampire, now was she.
She'd sleep the day and prowl the night,
Her life would forever be.

The queen, on the other hand
Knew her fate was close.
She gave in to the angry crowd..
And died when the sun arose.

But Chrishankhah lived on.. As still does,
She's now the Vampire Queen.
Since Born in Ancient Egypt,
Til now, this girl has been.

With her cats; Ezmerelda and Nefa
She's lived through many years.
So strong, she has no weakness known..
Nor has worries or strong fears.

But she has a good and true pure heart.
And will continue to survive..
As she shall hold her promise true--
-- To keep her race alive.