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A voice that cannot be heard,
A song without a tune..
And in the deepest, darkest night,
When barely is there a streak of light,
But only that from the pearl moon,
There shining on the mountains,
The mountains of maroon.

And by the light I search,
And can only think of thee..
Of the precious times we spent,
Until the time you went..
And by the dim light, I can barely see..
But your beauty is still clear,
So clear a memory..

I cannot bare your loss any longer,
Your love haunts me day to day..
If I don't find you, my heart will surely freeze
And cold it is, t'will crumble, in the slightest breeze..
The beauty of the words you say,
And the way your eyes shine bright..
But if I see that shine no more, my heart will age and grey.

Cold it will be, cold like that day..
Long ago, and far away..
The day I lost you, and my love--
And waved good-bye, to you above..
When the rain was ice,
and the day was night,
The storm was growling,
and striking her light..
I lost you in the desert,
and found you the next day--

Found your body there that day,
Lying there, that day..
In the sands of hell,
That spot, your body fell..
And that spot, your body lay,
A tear of mine sat on your face..
"I love you", It would say..

My voice cannot be heard,
It's a song without a tune..
Still Among the quiet, blackest nights,
I look up for you in Heaven--into the cloudy heights..
See your face in the pearl moon..
Amd your dress there in the mountains,
The mountains of Maroon..

By their light, I search for thee,
Still Can only think of thee..
And of the precious times, here spent
But until the time that we again are meant
To again, to each other see
And love again-- but until then
Tis all just a memory.