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Clear grows my sight as the sky grows dim,
And strong grow I from the powers within.
But with it, come hunger; A lust to feed,
- A need from within, and blood be the need.
Cringe away from the day and it's fatal light,
But walk amongst the shadows of the darkly night.
Laughing at the myths of the mortal way,
For we are not weak to as much as they say.
We remain unharmed by the holy cross;
A splinter in the heart results no loss.
But the true immortals be the elders alone,
Who exist with not a weakness known.
They say we live in the darkest of towers -
That we are limited by our own dark powers..
But we live amongst the mortals we kill,
And our charm can bend them to our will -
For this is why you're here, my child -
To lurk with the shadows; a beast of the wild.
But the choice be yours for you are mine,
Should you wish to live 'til the end of time...
And if I leave you, you will die,
You will perish and your blood will dry.
But should you drink this blood from me,
Then in darkness, you will forever be.
And live the life I tell you of -
Off the blood of mortals you'll grow to love.
The sky will darken, and your sight will dim,
As the mortal in you will be locked within.
Now make your choice, oh, child of mine..
To die, or to live 'til the end of time.