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][][ Nabooru ][][

Zelda Community Manager



Greetings!Name: "Nabooru"

Real Name: Heather

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Location: Pennsylvania

Ah! Why am I telling you this? Gah, oh well...

     Yes, my real name is Heather, and as told, I am a fifteen year old female from the city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Aside from being the manager of the MSN Zelda Community, I am also currently a sophomore in High School, and an avid Roleplayer. I have run the Zelda community since August of 1999, and it has been going steadily since!

     To give you a little background on the community, it was one of many, many others, and built shortly after MSN first introduced personal communities to MSN. Then, I was a happy vistor amongst many to MSN's old Kids Community, having gone by the nickname 'frog'. However, in that same month the Kids community had closed and I'd no choice but to take up a new interest or leave the net. I was not at all prepared to attempt the latter. As I said, I'd made many other communities then, but Zelda was one of few to survive. Others include: Vampire, Cat, and Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh has the most people up to date, but grows less active. Vampire does not have as many as Zelda, but takes care of itself regardless. (The members have turned it into somewhat of a roleplaying group.) Alas, Cat had a good start, but has died down in recent months.

     I've been using a computer since '97, and online since '98. I spent the first two years of my life on the MSN Kids Forum, later Community that I mentioned above. It closed due to a new act about Children 12 and under online. Because this was the age limit for the Kids Community, it was forced to shut down. I'd become an avid IRC user by then, and so on September 3rd, I visited a new chat server. I will leave the server unnamed, but I will tell you that it no longer exists. The following day was my birthday, and I took an interview to become an IRCop for the server. The day after, I was accepted and immediately started working. It was but few months later that I would meet a very special person who also worked on the same server. He and I had known each other for a long time, but we came to know each other a lot more as we worked on the IRC server.

Kyle and I have been together since.

     Late December of the year 2000, I could no longer bear the responsibility of being an IRCop. School was in the way, and newer interests arose. I'd become addicted to a number of things, primarily Diablo II and a MUD called the Realms of Despair.

     Up until recently, I'd been hopping back and forth between the two. Now I've settled down as the manager of the Zelda community, and hopefully I am here to stay. :-)

     As mentioned, I am an avid roleplayer, and stick primarily to the middle ages. My interests for the middle ages spawned with a love for castles, dragons and knights. This was spawned by... Can you guess? Zelda!

     I've been a lover of Zelda since I was a child, always watching my father play the classics. Yes, Legends of Zelda, and Adventures of Link. By the time Zelda: A Link to the Past came out, I was ready to begin gaming for myself.

And how I loved it!

     Years later, Nintendo 64 hit the shelves, and between three addicted gamers in my house, it was purchased pretty quickly... (After the extremely high price went down. :-P) Zelda: Ocarina of Time was one of the first games for the system we purchased. It was the best.

     Again, I started by watching my father play. Somehow it was his game to begin with. (It isn't any more.) I watched in interest, though hadn't started a file yet for myself. Then, I was a lover of Egypt, and hence the desert. Oh, yes... I loved the Lost Woods, and Hyrule Castle. It was all nice, But...! Oh, how I lit up, how I danced... How I simply indulged myself into the game when He'd first taken Link into a place I'll never forget.

The Gerudo Valley.

     What was it? The great music? The wonderful landscape? The desert thieves themselves? I can't tell you what it was that became of me, that I so dearly loved the Gerudo. How saddened I was to find out that they were 'bad guys'. .. Or were they?

     Ah, surprises indeed! The Spirit Temple I loved most, for it's Egyptian twist, and can you not see pyramids during a storm in the Desert Colossus? I love Egypt, and I love the Spirit Temple. I love the Requiem of Spirit, and most of all, I love the Spirit Sage. That is how I became Nabooru.

Hey there!     Of course, Nabooru is now one of my prime roleplay characters, and currently my only non-original one. Aside from her, I've two others main ones. A panther-like human by the name of Pardalis Bloodthorne, and then there is my personal favourite... Chrishankhah. The Regina Lamiarum. Queen of the Vampires. But she has her own history.

     Roleplaying set aside, I've many other hobbies. I love writing both poetry and prose, and drawing as well. I also have my interests in other languages. No, not French, Spanish, or German... I study Latin out of school, and on my own time. The other language I like is HTML...

... What do you mean that's not a language? Of course it is! Hypertext Terminal Markup Language! :-P And because I know some HTML, I have my own personal website. Ehm, okay... Maybe I cheated a bit. After awhile, I became fed up with lines upon lines of blinding text in notepad and reverted to frontpage. It was much easier that way.

If the curiousity burns within you, you will find my -real- picture in my MSN Public Profile. If you've any need to contact me, my email address is -- I kid you not. I am -that- fanatic about Zelda, mind you, that this is in fact my real email address! You may email me or, if possible, contact me by MSN Instant Messenger.

With that said, I hope you enjoy your stay on the Zelda community, and if you haven't done so yet, become a member!

- Nabooru
MSN Zelda Community Manager

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