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Entering the dining room from the main one, you find yourself at a strangely calming relax. The setting is dim - and the room utterly lavishing in decouration. The room has a warm look, but the temperature gives way for a rather mid-cool sensation. Quite the romantic feel overcomes you, as well. The walls are decourated with various old paintings and masks, all seemingly realistic. The far northern and southern walls are lined with glass closets with oaken bases, filled with assorted artifacts, china, ancient trinkets and the like. In the centre of the room, a large birch dinner table, but no food. Empty seats, empty plates and empty glasses - Empty table: empty room. High above from the ceiling hangs a crystal chandelier, simple and yet amazing, it's way of reflecting the shine of the dim candle light. A mirror centred on each of the four walls of the room creates a dreamy affect - As if the room could go on forever, a timeless maze and no escape. Such strange illusions.. The far west of the room is an archway leading into the mansion's kitchen which from here seems quite simplistic compared to the rest of the mansion, and another archway east leads back into the main room.