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Zelda Community Assistant Manager


Name: Tenial

Real Name: "Rick"

Age: 12

Gender: Male

Location: United States


I'm just a normal guy. I've been homeschooled ever since the age of six, and I've been doing a lot of things. I like to write stories. (If you wanna read my fanfics, go to I also Role-play a lot on MUSHes. I've been doing Tae Kwon Do for two years now, and I'm nearing my Black Belt. I'm now in DVC (Diablo Valley College) and am going to be a Second Year when the term ends (I will take Beginners Art, Piano II and Drama.)


I'm really different than most average 12 year olds. I've got a great build, imagination beyond most other teenager's minds, better schooling, and also, I'm a very great guy. Sheik is a great friend, and so is Nabooru. They're the only friends I have in my life, and I just hope I don't slop off and lose them... I've already been down that path. The only friends I have are a few masters at the Dojo, a guy named Clayton, and a girl named Amanda at the Diablo Valley College.


Repeat, I am NOT an ordinary boy. I'm Link!


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