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Zelda Community Assistant Manager


Name: "Sheik"

Real Name: David...but...shush ^_~

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Location: Nova Scotia

     Why am I writing this? Because this manager, (not gonna mention names like..*cough*Nabooru*cough*) told me to.

     As I said I'm David, but don't spread it around. Im 14 and I love everything about Zelda. I lived my whole life in Canada...Yeah..I don't travel much. I have blond hair and greenish blue eyes. I'm about 5'9 and love football. My school is..well...I can't/won't tell you that. Yes I am a very secret person. I will only "open up" to people who I really know and trust.

     The closest people I know on this community is Nabooru (manager), Tenial (asst.Manager), and Rockie (asst.Manager)

     I met Nabooru in a weird way. I was bored one day so I decided to add e-mail addresses on MSN to those who had a zelda characters for their e-mail. It just so happens Heather had

     I met Tenial by once stubbling upon his address in this Zelda site where he entered a mailbag entry. I was bored so I decided to add his name to my MSN and thats how he and I met.

     Rockie was a different story. My "friend" John, added a bunch of people to this conversation on MSN. Rockie and I were two of the people, and once she and I started talking we became quite good friends. (Though the occasional name calling didn't hurt.)

Normally, I would've said that I was in a relationship with "the girl of my dreams:Sarah"   But...thats only party right..   I am in a relationship with the girl of my's not Sarah.   I thought Sarah was my "Dream Girl" but I soon discovered, that my dream girl was and is my first true love, Michelle Jenkins   She truly is everything to me, I love being with her and I love her so incredibly much that words cannot describe.   She is unbelievably beautiful, both inside and out.   Outside, She is a Angel. Her long ginger hair and deep brown eyes are breathtaking, and her sweet crimson lips are gifted to the greatest of me wonder why I'm with her   Inside, she has a kind heart and sweet soul. She puts other's happiness before hers...which sadly can be a bad thing. She is very caring not to mention sweet...   Im hoping me and her to last forever..because without having the one person you love most in this world...what else are you here for?

Um..what else can I talk about....

     Oh yeah, you must pass this test in order to have my friendship. It's a simple 'yes or no' question: Is Sheik a guy or girl?

     If you choose wrong, well, I'll argue then hate you. If you choose right, we will get along nicely.

My favorite band is Linkin Park!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My favorite show is UNDERGRADS!!!!!!!!!!

My favorite movie is SPIDER-MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!

Did I mention that I love Michelle??????????????

     My best LITTLE buddy is my dog, Mouse. He may be a chiwawa, but he's one hell of a guard dog.

     My favorite Zelda game is "The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time"
because of the MALE Sheikah warrior, Sheik! However, my favorite game of all time is: Metal Gear Solid II!

     My closest friends are: Joey, Nick, and Zac. I have tons more friends but these are who I usually hang out with.

Thats about all I can think about, and all I'm willing to share with you. You can add me to your MSN contact list if ya want, and if you answer correctly, we will be friends.


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