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Zelda Community Assistant Manager

Hey!Name: Rockie (I also go by various other pseudonyms)

Real Name: Just call me Rockie; I'm more comfortable with that.

Age: Old enough to be tried as an adult! :S

Gender: How dare you ask me that! :P

Location: Chi Town (Chicago, not Chinatown)

Yo! Howdy. Wuz up, y'all? Rockie here. I guess you're here to learn a little about me... What's to tell?

     Okay, if you really must know, I am a FEMALE, not a male as so many others believed at first *cough* Nabooru *cough* Sheik *cough, cough* I don't really mind; I often talk, dress, and play like a guy. (I'm pretty good at baseball and I've been told I'd make a pretty good quarterback? (o_O)) Currently, I'm in the process of starting school again, and start on my way towards a degree in computer animation. (I've actually seriously considered video game programing, too.)

     Offline, I like hanging out with my bestest friend in the whole wide world and go on misadventures. We've written some fanfiction stories together featuring ourselves. (Some are posted on; I'll tell you more about them if you're interested.) Lately, I've also had a writing itch. I used to write all the time in my "secret" collection of notebooks, and recently, things have lead me back to them. Among some of my writings are some pretty old Zelda fanfics I started, yet never got back to. (Some from as far back as early 1999.) I also love to draw, and I'm especially into the manga style of drawing. I'm also a book worm! I really like fairy tales - the ones before they got butchered up, corrupted, and made into "children's" bedtime stories. (Ever read "Catskin"? It's not for kids.) I like to read about mythical creatures, such as elves, dragons, fairies, unicorns, etc., too. I also like manga and anime. Some of my favorites thus far are Gundam Wing, Sailor Moon (censorship ruined it for me), Fushigi Yugi, Gundam X, G Gundam, Marmalade Boy, Mars, Planet Ladder, Magic Knight Rayearth, and Escaflowne. Oh, and of course I like video games! :)

     The first system I ever got was the original Nintendo, so I pretty much grew up on Nintendo. Unfortunately for me, I was too young to really understand how to play video games, and so I never got too far on any of them. I remember playing Super Mario Bros., Chip 'n Dale's Rescue Rangers, the first two Zeldas, and an RPG called Ultima back then.

     As the years went on, more systems started popping up and I owned most of them, but I somehow wandered away from video games for a while... That was until Pokemon came along.

     I LOVED Pokemon. I fell in love with it after watching the first episode I had ever seen, which was "Hypno's Naptime." I thought Pikachu was adorable. The show was just too cute. :) Being the Poke-fanatic I was, I watched the show everyday it was on, memorized the Pokerap, and went out and bought my first Gameboy - a black Gameboy Pocket - so I could play the Blue version of the game. For a while, Pokemon was the only game I played until Christmas of '98 when I got the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. A sibling of mine made a big deal about the game and I remember thinking, "What's so great about Zelda?" (Hey, I was a little kid when I had last played Zelda). After watching him play it for a while, I got a little interested/curious about it, so I started to play it.

I never put the controller down.

     In fact, I ended up having to fight with him over the controller. I thought it was the greatest game ever created, and to this day, OoT remains my favorite game.

     I joined the Zelda Group (back when it was still a Community) in February 2002. I wanted to join a group that seemed like it would have lots of activity going on. Zelda had nearly 400 members at the time, so I joined and posted messages every so often.

     So how did I end up an assistant manager? It's kind of odd, actually. One day, I checked my e-mail and saw a message from "Nabooru". (I thought I had done something wrong in the group at first! o_O) It was actually an invitation to become an assistant manager, which I of course accepted. ^_~

     I am also the assistant manager of the
Giga Zelda Stuff For Zelda Dudes group. It's kind of funny how that came about. I just went there one day and saw "assistant manager" next to my name, no warning whatsoever, but it was a pleasant surprise. :) I'm also the manager of two other Zelda groups that an online friend of mine created: The Zelda Sages and the Zelada Manegers.

          I guess that's about it. Have I bored you yet? :P

               Oh, and by the way, don't be afraid to talk to me. I don't bite... Very often. :P

Later y'alls! Have fun!

Assistant Manager of Zelda

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